Interactive Tales

We Reshaped Tales and Brought Them to Life Again with
Interactive animation, Speech recognition & Voice-driven technology.

Mession & Message

  • Tales-Based
  • Learn
  • Gain
  • With digital interactive stories we reshaped traditional tales and brought them to life again, in funny and interactive environment that connects families in new stories era.

  • We educate as much as entertain.
    The child introduced to learning activities in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Our product is a serious games project, that includes many researchers and domain experts to test the product’s effectiveness. Also, we provide remote access for parents and teachers to monitor child's progress and to improve our product.

Interactive Tales

We are believing in the power of stories and interactivity as a way to get rid of the boring and frustration feelings of traditional outdated stories.

Imagine: a world where people can change lives in a positive way using stories. We in Interactive Tales think this is possible. Even stronger: we work at this every day – and have done so for years.

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